[Gimp-developer] Final Report - GSoC : OpenCL Operation Support

Hi everyone:

Today finishes the GSoC and I wanted to make a small resume of the work
I did during this time.

1) I ported the next ops to OpenCL

2) Also ported the gegl-random module to OpenCL (used by most of noise-*

3) And I changed those operations so they use gegl-random

Note: I did the OpenCL port for both ops, but I realize a little late
that there is no support for the required color spaces in the OpenCL
color module since those are babl extensions. So we need to discuss if
the babl extensions are going to be ported to OpenCL or not? And decide
if those ops are going to have OpenCL support.

I know, I wasn't very active in the IRC channel, and my work-flow wasn't
the most desirable to work as a team (Mostly due to my bad habit to push
my commits late). But I want to thanks everyone, cause for the first
time I was able to participate in a collaborative project like this one
(I know I still need to incorporate myself more to the team), and also
thank you everyone who helped me answering my questions and having me

Also a special thanks to Victor, cause he was my mentor for the SoC.

I hope this is just the beginning for me to continue working with the
GIMP/GEGL team, since there still a lot of work to do, and I want to be
part of it. :)

Carlos Z.

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