[Gimp-developer] GSoC PSD Project Summary

Hello everyone. GSoC officially ended on Monday so I wanted to summarize
the list of things that I was able to do during the project:

1.) Documentation was updated to reflect updated specifications from Adobe
inside the plugin.
2.) Plugin was ported to use GEGL
3.) > 8 bit color depth PSD files support was added.
4.) Parsing support for layer effects which can't be implemented yet.
5.) Header code changes including structures for slices and text which
can't be implemented yet.

I wasn't active in the mailing list but I was able to talk with some of you
on IRC. This was my first time contributing code to an open source project,
and although I was slow at times in terms of getting commits in, I was
still able to get help from everyone.

From here on out, I plan to be able to learn more and contribute more to
the project as a whole. Many thanks to everyone for letting me work on this
project and for having the patience and kindness to work with me.


Simon Lui

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