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  • Help compiling F-Spot from the CVS on Ubuntu Hoary?, Jaime Iniesta
  • Scaling pictures in Mail Patch (314559), Bengt Thuree
  • gthumb support / metadata storage ideas, John Leach
  • F-Spot crashes when renaming the Hidden tag, Joseba García Etxebarria
  • IDE for F-Spot?, Bengt Thuree
  • Update for patch for 302567 (not yet), Bengt Thuree
  • Help compiling 0.1.0, derek
  • Alternative UI for changing time and timezone, Mattias Holmlund
  • [PATCH] F-spot: Allow dates before 1970, Fredrik Noring
  • DateTime and DateTimeOriginal??, Bengt Thuree
  • (no subject), Bengt Thuree
  • f-spot 0.1.0 released, Larry Ewing
  • F-Spot Use Cases? Relevant or not?, Bengt Thuree
  • Store more information with photo in sqlite, Bengt Thuree
  • Submitted a few patches, Bengt Thuree
  • Patch! Change Time(zone) function, Bengt Thuree
  • F-Spot rotation, J.M. Dana
  • Thumbnail generator patch, Lukas Lipka
  • Bug - wrong tag list when importing photos, Jaime Iniesta
  • image hashes patch, John Leach
  • image hashes, John Leach
  • Image rotation, Anders Bo Rasmussen
  • Tag Filtering Logic (AND/OR/Combo), Gabriel Burt
  • Rename / Move / Copy PATCH attached, Bengt Thuree
  • blogger, Ben West
  • Re: schema updates and changes, Larry Ewing
  • Grouping while importing, Sami Haahtinen
  • Storing Preferences, Gabriel Burt
  • Re: new HTML style, Larry Ewing
  • Re: sqlite, Larry Ewing
  • GUI for Rename/Move/Copy..., Bengt Thuree
  • Wrong timestamp (Hour!), Bengt Thuree
  • Re: First impressions, Bengt Thuree

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