Re: Storing Preferences

On 8/6/05, Jason J. Rodrigues <lists-fspot jjayr com> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 06, 2005 at 01:35:10AM -0400, Gabriel Burt wrote:
> > Are these things a no brainer for GConf, or is storing them in the DB an
> > option/better?
> I believe GConf is the 'gnome way' of storing settings, BUT  putting
> them in the database is handy.  I built a hacked fspot that takes as an
> optional argument the database name (I haven't sent it upstream, since
> my c# is awful and it's a bit of a mess).
> If the settings are kept in the database, it'll let you switch from
> database to database and f-spot will take on different 'personalities'
> depending on which set of photos you have loaded in the database.

I´m not sure that´s good. Your preferences aren´t part of your photos
- whatever photo database you use, they should stay the same. Just
like a text writer doesn´t change its whole configuration with the
file loaded, F-Spot should change its´ by the used database.

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