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Well, sometimes you might not always use F-Spot, and then determine which
photo of the 4 available is the original might not be so easy, nor which
oen is the correct version. I believe that the version name should be
reflected in the picture name it self.
But I still think that there should be a good delimeter separating the
picture name from the version name. I can imagine that something within
"()" might appear in the actual photo name, and possible also as the last
part of the photo name. For instance something like "20041224 Christmas
Night (rather drunk).jpg"
This would not make it easy for F-Spot.

On the other hand, if we used a specific and rather uncommon separator
(like "._") it would be much easier.


<citat vem="Sami Haahtinen">
> Bengt Thuree wrote:
>> I would prefere not to use (version), but to use ._version_. or
>> something
>> that does not need to be escaped in command line.
>> Also, use something that is easy to remove  Separated by ._ for
>> instance.
> I'd rather not rely on filenames at all. Storing the md5 (or something
> else that is relatively unique) of the parent file in the image metadata
> would be the best choice.
> But as the (version) convention is the current way how f-spot names the
> versions, it was the first thing that came to mind.
> - S
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