Re: Wrong timestamp (Hour!)

You would change the time in our camera to match the local time?  That
seems very unlikely to me.  Or do you mean you would change the timezone
of your computer each time and not the camera's time?  Those are the
cases where the timezone would end up being wrong for your own photos.
The timezone info would clearly be wrong for photos from other people in
different timezones under the current method.  But without any timezone
info they will always be wrong anyway.

I'd like to be able to locate the time of the photo properly in the
right timezone.  Just using the exif date with no timezone information
isn't ideal to me because in the long run it makes it more difficult to
make correlations between events in your calendar and photos.  

I wonder if we let you set a per camera (perhaps based on serial number)
and then stored both the exif time and the suspected timezone we could
avoid most of the problems.  Like I said before it needs some thought to
be both simple and useful.


On Sun, 2005-08-07 at 20:31 +0900, Bengt Thuree wrote:
> Hej
> Checking a bit more, and I see that you convert the local time from the
> EXIF data to UTC time format. This is based upon the timezone in the
> computer you are using when you run F-Spot. The conversion changes the
> correct EXIF timestamp to some wrong values.
> I do not think this is a good idea.
> Consider the following:
> 1) You take some photos in Melbourne/Australia (with correct time in camera)
> 2) Board a plan to Ireland
> 3) Take some photos in Singapore airport (with correct time in camera)
> 4) Take some photos in Copenhagen airport (with correct time in camera)
> 5) Arrive to Ireland, and take more photos (with correct time in camera)
> 6) download the photos to your laptop wich is running either Melbourne or
> Irish time.
> In this case, as long as you do not know the timezone for each and every
> photo, it is much better of just to take the photo time at face value. Or?
> /Bengt
> <citat vem="Larry Ewing">
> > This is the timezone causing problems.  I need to go through the current
> > logic and figure out what to do.
> >
> > --Larry
> >
> > On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 21:53 +0900, Bengt Thuree wrote:
> >> Hej
> >>
> >> I discovered that F-Spot has the wrong hour compared to the EXIF data.
> >> This is easily confirmed by opening a picture in "Image Viewer" and
> >> checking the EXIF data.
> >>
> >> For instance, two of my pictures should have hours 18 and 13, but
> >> instead
> >> F-Spot reported the hours as 08 and 02.
> >>
> >> I also verified that the photo.Time.ToString ("MM") gives the same
> >> faulty
> >> result.
> >>
> >> I verified with the MetaDataExtractor assembly from Ferret Renaud, and
> >> this one reports the
> >> correct timestamp in the EXIF fields.
> >>
> >> I am using the stock 0.0.13 version.
> >>
> >> Can this be confirmed by someone else, so I can write a TR, or is it
> >> something else?
> >>
> >> /Bengt
> >>
> >> p.s.
> >> I tried to go through the code to see where the picture gets the time
> >> stamp from. But could only see that it took it from the unix file's
> >> creation time, which is obviously not the correct place, since the
> >> timestamp in F-Spot is the correct one apart from Hour.
> >>
> >
> >
> >

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