Re: Alternative UI for changing time and timezone

Hej Mattias,

I still think you do not allocate for all time adjusting scenarious.
For example see screenshot at
( I am now trying to submit a new patch for this one, but bugzilla seems
to be down. My last modification is to only modify DateTimeOriginal (don't
touch DateTimeDigitized), as well as if the JPEG picture do not have an
DateTimeOriginal timestamp in its EXIF header, then I create one (from
DateTimeDigitized, DateTime, or File Creation Date). This to ensure that
someone's old pictures that only have a DateTime stamp will still be ok,
since F-Spot re-writes the DateTime with Now() with every EXIF update.

The only thing I have not implemented is the TimeZone value, since F-Spot
do not handle it yet. But it needs to be incorporated for sure. I would
say that each picture needs to be assigned a TimeZone/Country to keep it
as flexible as possible. In that way it will not matter which timezone you
are in, or which timezone your computer is in... etc etc, also you can
send the picture to whomever and they can also look at the EXIF TimeStamp
and easily figure out when it was taken. UTC timestamp in EXIF will just
cause problems when you let other people (read parents, wife, friends...)
view the timestamp directly in EXIF.

If the time needs to be adjusted for than 24 hours, is this a common case?
I only allow them to change +/- 23 hours +/- 59 minutes. After that they
have to set the date to whatever date they want, and they can choose to
keep the existing hour/minute/second value or set this one as well.


Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com

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