F-Spot Use Cases? Relevant or not?


I asked about the F-Spot use cases last week I think, but did not receive
any answer so I ask again.


Do the use cases reflect the future of F-Spot (near or far) or just
someone's wish for where F-Spot should go?

For instance I found one use case stating the the person also wanted to
search based upon the file creation time. F-Spot is only storing the EXIF
date right now, and the database is not prepared for storing the second
date either.

On the other hand, the use cases (or is it just anywhere on the Wiki?)
seems to be updated very recently.

I think the Use Cases are a >>very good thing<< to have updated so we all
know where F-Spot is going, and can perhaps come with
suggestions/additions/changes to it? Not to mention have a link to them
from the main F-Spot page.


Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com    www.thuree.com/bt

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