Wrong timestamp (Hour!)


I discovered that F-Spot has the wrong hour compared to the EXIF data.
This is easily confirmed by opening a picture in "Image Viewer" and
checking the EXIF data.

For instance, two of my pictures should have hours 18 and 13, but instead
F-Spot reported the hours as 08 and 02.

I also verified that the photo.Time.ToString ("MM") gives the same faulty

I verified with the MetaDataExtractor assembly from Ferret Renaud, and
this one reports the
correct timestamp in the EXIF fields.

I am using the stock 0.0.13 version.

Can this be confirmed by someone else, so I can write a TR, or is it
something else?


I tried to go through the code to see where the picture gets the time
stamp from. But could only see that it took it from the unix file's
creation time, which is obviously not the correct place, since the
timestamp in F-Spot is the correct one apart from Hour.

Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com    www.thuree.com/bt

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