Update for patch for 302567 (not yet)


I have an updated patch for BUG 302567 - Changing Time/Date
Please check change 2...

ChangeDateTime Patch


This updated patch have been changed so
1) We only store the time to DateTimeOriginal when we adjust the time.
2) If the EXIF tag DateTimeOriginal is empty when the picture is imported,
   we add this tag to the file with either (DateTimeDigitized, DateTime,
   or File Creation time)
   This is needed for the users who do not have a DateTimeOriginal value
   in their pictures, but have a DateTime field (which will constantly be
   overwritten by F-Spot).

This patch will provide base for 170771, and 309436

I will submit this one as soon as I get Bugzilla to work again.


Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com    www.thuree.com/bt

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