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  • [gdm-list] 2.21.1, William Jon McCann
  • [gdm-list] small Xsession patch, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] call pam_close_session when session dies, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] preparing to release, William Jon McCann
  • [gdm-list] gdm authentication, pmacdee
  • [gdm-list] PAM_TTY / console ownership, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] a couple of misc fixes, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] update, William Jon McCann
  • [gdm-list] Some GDM fixes for Solaris, Brian Cameron
  • [gdm-list] random, unexciting patch to prevent warnings on 64-bit, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] in F-9, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale, Peter Clifton
  • [gdm-list] Recent crash problem on Solaris, Brian Cameron
  • [gdm-list] GDM utmp support, Brian Cameron
  • [gdm-list] GDM2 2.20.1 (stable), the "Lets Be Hopeful" Release, Brian Cameron
  • [gdm-list] thoughts about face browser, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] change gdm_address_new_from_sockaddr_storage to gdm_address_new_from_sockaddr, Ray Strode
  • [gdm-list] a tiny background patch for mccann-gobject branch, Ray Strode
  • Re: [gdm-list] using gdm with pam_mkhomedir, ritz
  • Re: [gdm-list] a11y module proposal: MouseTweaks (i.e.: software click), Murray Cumming
  • Re: [gdm-list] Jon - patch for gdm-gobject branch, Brian Cameron
  • [gdm-list] GDM - gdmdynamic and Sun Ray support, Brian Cameron
  • Re: [gdm-list] String additions to 'gdm2.gnome-2-20', Brian Cameron
  • [gdm-list] Request for new GDM, Bob Doolittle
  • Re: [gdm-list] George & Martin - update about GDM, Jiri Lebl
  • [gdm-list] Plug ins page on wiki, William Jon McCann
  • [gdm-list] [RFE] A modular gdm greeter, Simo Sorce
  • [gdm-list] Branch update, William Jon McCann
  • Re: [gdm-list] [g-a-devel] a11y module proposal: MouseTweaks (i.e.: software click), Willie Walker
  • Re: [gdm-list] Fwd: How to autologin as root?, Brian Cameron
  • Re: [gdm-list] "gdm accessability registry was not found" = ???, Brian Cameron

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