Re: [gdm-list] update

William Jon McCann wrote:
From what I can gather from what you have revealed about the Sun Ray
system it sounds like there is a great deal of overlap with some of
the things we currently have and plan to have in the upstream open
platform.  I think it would be advantageous for everyone to be working
toward a common goal.  In my opinion, it is very hard for this to
happen until you publish your code with a GPL compatible license.

I don't see how open-sourcing Sun Ray, or the style of license that
might be used to do that, has anything to do with establishing stable
interfaces that can be used to ask an X display manager to manage
additional X servers.

Closely coupling Sun Ray to GDM. or to any display manager, would be
bad.  Even inside Sun, Sun Ray has been careful to keep an arm's-length
relationship with the parts of Solaris it interacts with.  And where
we've asked for enhancements (as with 'gdmdynamic') we've been careful
to propose new interfaces that are generically useful, not specific to
Sun Ray.  Stable, generally-usable interfaces are good; they allow
different chunks of software to evolve independently and at different

mike oliver sun com

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