Re: [gdm-list] update

On 10/26/07, Bob Doolittle <Robert Doolittle sun com> wrote:
> Jon,
> William Jon McCann wrote:
> > From what I can gather from what you have revealed about the Sun Ray
> > system it sounds like there is a great deal of overlap with some of
> > the things we currently have and plan to have in the upstream open
> > platform.  I think it would be advantageous for everyone to be working
> > toward a common goal.  In my opinion, it is very hard for this to
> > happen until you publish your code with a GPL compatible license.
> >
> Our requirements are really pretty simple.  Deriving
> them from first principles from SRSS source isn't
> a practical course forward IMO.
> SRSS is quite a large amount of code, 95%
> of which isn't relevant to GDM.
> Our GDM work is already in the main trunk.
> I think we'd be much better served with a list of
> requirements that we need GDM to honor (which was
> what I've been trying to work towards), rather than
> expecting to pore through all of SRSS and
> extract requirements from that.  In addition,
> future direction of SRSS is not reflected in
> current code, so code is of no help in determining
> the set of future requirements.  That's what we're
> doing here - building the future, right? :-)

"a list of requirements that we need GDM to honor"

I'll assume you aren't joking.  You expect an upstream free software
project to be designed around a list of requirements developed in
private for a proprietary and closed source product?  Why exactly?

So, I should just take your word for it and add interfaces where you
say and how you say?  Even when you team has described large parts of
your design as kludgy?  And you haven't decided how you'll handle
ConsoleKit and HAL integration?

I am not particularly interested in playing these types of guessing
games.  We are moving forward the best we can to try to solve the
problems that we can *see* and doing so by collaborating with our open
source / free software partners.  Please join us and help us.

It isn't only about the license.  It is about the process and the community.

Have a beer - think it over.


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