Re: [gdm-list] Branch update

On Thu, Oct 04, 2007 at 07:31:39AM -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
>> i don't think kdm having "extragear-character" would be that
>> welcomed.
> I don't understand what you mean by "extragear-character".  Could you
> explain?
hmm ... google "kde extragear" => first hit => about - now, that was
hard. ;)
for the lazy ones: independend releases.

>> - i always thought gdm's internal ipc over the fully-fledged socket
>> protocol is completely overengineered. d-bus is taking this to
>> another level ...
> It's probably better to use a standard IPC method like D-Bus than a
> home grown one.
pipes are standard, too. ;)
what you mean is an RPC method. my point is that in kdm there wasn't
that much use for it so far. oh, well ...

>> two things should be clear to you:
>> - i accept no regressions from current kdm
> When you say "no regressions" what do you mean?  Do you mean in terms
> of functionality alone, or also with appearance?  If there are any
> novel features that KDM supports that might not be obvious, then it
> would be handy if you could mention some that you think might be
> easy to overlook.
i mean everything. ;)
i don't think listing all the subtle things is realistic or even useful.
read the code and if you find something that is "novel", you know you
have something to do.

> Is there a better way to communicate with the KDM team about
> opportunities to work together, or is emailing you directly the best
> way?
which team? :}
i'm on this list for now.

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