[gdm-list] Branch update


We've created a page on the wiki.

We've also started to list some of the things that need work:

Feel free to write down ideas that you have.  Try to prefix ideas with
your wiki name so we can keep things organized.

I've also posed two diagrams that try to explain the workflow during
authentication.  There is one for the GdmSimpleSlave (where greeter
and session run on one X server) and one for the GdmFactorySlave
(where a greeter continues to run on the first X server and starts
sessions on new X servers).



Recent developments in the code are mostly related to the simple
greeter.  We now have a basic people chooser hooked up.  And we have
complete widgets for the host, session, and language choosers that
just need to be hooked up:


At this point I'd love to have some more people testing this out.  But
I realize it isn't easy to test a new GDM.

We should also start to discuss what we should do with this branch.
Obviously it won't be a branch forever.  Some possibilities include:

  1. A new top-level gnome.org project (gdm, gdm3)
 2. Replace / merge with trunk
  3. A freedesktop.org project

I don't really have any strong feelings.
 1. is probably fine.
 2. is probably less good since it really is so different and people
may need to continue to use gdm2 for whatever reason.
 3. Would be interesting if we can entice other desktop projects into
collaborating.  We could also use git which is arguably nicer for
maintaining branches and doing merges.  However, we probably lose out
on our translation team and stuff.

I'd like to have this somewhat decided by the time we start to release
tarballs.  And that is coming right up...

So, please take a look at the code, build it, try running it and let
us know what you think.  We really need your help.


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