Re: [gdm-list] update


William Jon McCann wrote:
From what I can gather from what you have revealed about the Sun Ray
system it sounds like there is a great deal of overlap with some of
the things we currently have and plan to have in the upstream open
platform.  I think it would be advantageous for everyone to be working
toward a common goal.  In my opinion, it is very hard for this to
happen until you publish your code with a GPL compatible license.

Our requirements are really pretty simple.  Deriving
them from first principles from SRSS source isn't
a practical course forward IMO.

SRSS is quite a large amount of code, 95%
of which isn't relevant to GDM.
Our GDM work is already in the main trunk.

I think we'd be much better served with a list of
requirements that we need GDM to honor (which was
what I've been trying to work towards), rather than
expecting to pore through all of SRSS and
extract requirements from that.  In addition,
future direction of SRSS is not reflected in
current code, so code is of no help in determining
the set of future requirements.  That's what we're
doing here - building the future, right? :-)

I understand the desire to have SRSS move to open
source, and that's a laudable goal that we're
working towards, but I don't think that
practically speaking this will be of much use in
determining goals for GDM and I'd rather not
create a dependency here if possible.  I think
we'd all be much better served by a clear and
crisp list of requirements that we can work
together from.  Does that sound reasonable to you?

How about if we update your TWiki page with
a clear set of requirements that thin clients can
rely upon, would that suffice for now?


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