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  • [Banshee-List] ID3 tag question, Luke Hoersten
  • [Banshee-List] Banshee does lyrics, too!, Patrick van Staveren
  • [Banshee-List] Support for streaming to Apple Airport Express, Giray Devlet
  • [Banshee-List] Playlists on DAP devices, Jeremy Teale
  • [Banshee-List] MP3 Locker and iTunes Plugin, Nathan Palmer
  • [Banshee-List] AAC Playback?, Greg Johnston
  • Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee-list Digest, Vol 11, Issue 19, Bradley McMahon
  • [Banshee-List] dutch translation for banshee-official-plugin, P. van de Geer
  • [Banshee-List] Feature: An Everything But Playlist, Benjy Grogan
  • [Banshee-List] Dependency on Helix, Julien Sobrier
  • [Banshee-List] Compiling CVS Plugins on Ubuntu 6.06, Paul Cutler
  • [Banshee-List] Library and database modification, Luke Hoersten
  • [Banshee-List] Updated MTP DAP patch available..., Patrick van Staveren
  • [Banshee-List] ShowTrackOnChange Plugin - Updated, 0.2, Nick Bargnesi
  • [Banshee-List] Standard-violation in parsing dates in Podcast-plugin, Lars Strojny
  • [Banshee-List] iPod sync problems, Ben Novack
  • [Banshee-List] Banshee VERY unstable on FC5, Gregory Gulik
  • [Banshee-List] Re: [Bug 343785] Mass storage updates, James Stembridge
  • [Banshee-List] ShowTrackOnChange Plugin, Nick Bargnesi
  • [Banshee-List] Connecting Motorola SLVR - Banshee, Michael Hieb
  • [Banshee-List] Mono.Zeroconf, Griffin Caprio
  • [Banshee-List] ENABLE_GST_10 does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL, Jason Trickett
  • Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee and the Nokia 770, James Stembridge
  • [Banshee-List] iPod sync'ed with Banshee is not readable by iTunes, Nico Kaiser
  • [Banshee-List] Banshee LIRC Plugin, Patrick van Staveren

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