Re: [Banshee-List] ShowTrackOnChange Plugin

Hey Nick. That sounds cool. How do we get to the source to try it out?


On 6/6/06, Nick Bargnesi <nick den-4 com > wrote:
Hey folks,

Let me start by saying thanks for providing a great music management
app.  I'm a KDE convert and I enjoyed using amaroK but since I've
switched, I found Banshee provides all I need.  Except, I wanted the
track's metadata to popup when it starts to play, à la amaroK.

So I wrote one, maintained here:

I gave it a simple x,y position configuration, as well as an interval
for displaying itself.

Not being a C# programmer at all, leveraging the existing Banshee code,
sample plugin, metasearch, and wikipedia code, was quite fun.  Thanks
for the excellent code guys!

Nick Bargnesi
nick den-4 com
Den 4 F/OSS Developer and Co-Founder

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giving back to the F/OSS community.

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