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On 6/26/06, Patrick van Staveren <trick vanstaveren us> wrote:
This is a frustrating problem that I've been trying to sort out.

Many distributions ship things broken-ish - putting
in /usr/lib/{mozilla product}/.  In your case it seems strange since
you have the library symlinked from /usr/lib - the DLL loader should
find it as long as it's in (and you've run ldconfig

There is a very good reason for this -- Mozilla's ABI is very
unstable. Multiple Mozilla-based apps (Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla
suite, Seamonkey, GRE etc) and their different versions will cause a
lot of conflicts unless kept completely separate. For example, when I
added my Mozilla directory to, Firefox couldn't run.

This is not really a problem with GtkMozEmbed itself, but the XPCOM
libraries upon which it relies, so Gecko# consumers should generally
not have to worry where comes from. Anything using
XPCOM will often have problems unless using exactly the same version
agains which it was linked.

I've been tinkering around with a shell script that will attempt to
locate the library and hardcode the path to it in your
Wikipedia.dll.config file, but I haven't attached it in subversion.
Basically what it would do is edit that last dllmap line in
Wikipedia.dll.config to point to the full path to the proper library.

Several Gecko#-consuming apps, e.g. Monodevelop, aspnetedit, etc set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH in their launch script.

AspNetEdit has a fragile (XPCOM) dependency, so detects the Mozilla
directory in the configure script and writes it into the launch script*checkout*/trunk/aspeditor/

Monodevelop is currently more flexible, so detects it in the launch
I think that this latter method could be a good Banshee-wide thing to
have. Note that MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME seems to be a semi-conventional
environment variable to specify the libgtkmozembed directory.

The number of times I've talked about this problem with Gecko#, I
should really write a wiki page ;-)

Michael Hutchinson

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