[Banshee-List] Standard-violation in parsing dates in Podcast-plugin

Hi all,

the Podcast-plugin (r162) contains one bug. The standard for RSS allows
to define <pubDate/> without the weekday at the beginning of the string.
Example: http://chaosradio.ccc.de/chaosradio_express-latest.rss. We're
talking about the file
"<folder>/plugins/Podcast/FeedParsers/RssPodcastFeedParser.cs" on line
1337. Nevertheless there is an indentation bug also, it must be possible
to get the weekday from the enum System.DayOfWeek. I'm not capable
enough in C# to do so and I tried for some time, but I guess this
information would be helpful to get it fixed.

     Lars Strojny
name: Lars H. Strojny      web: http://strojny.net 
street: Engelsstraße 23    blog: http://usrportage.de
city: D-51103 Köln         mail/jabber: lars strojny net
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