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On 6/7/06, Gregory Gulik <greg gulik org> wrote:

 I've tried just about every media player out there and the one that comes
closest to the perfect balance between features and simplicity is Banshee.

Same thing here.  I love Banshee, but it crashes on me all the time.
Maybe 10 or so times a day I will get a situation where it freezes and
goes to 100% CPU usage.  I then have to kill the application from
System Monitor.  I'm using Banshee 0.10.10, which I built myself using
the FC5 Extras spec for Banshee 0.10.9, so the problem will not be
solved by an update.

 However, I'm having a lot of issues suddenly with Banshee with FC5.  When I
first started using it a few weeks ago it was working ok.
 Now it crashes regularly and when I restart it all the columns are gone and
I have to reset them every time.

Which columns are you talking about?  It's possible the crashes are a
problem outside of the Banshee application.  I know I had a problem on
my SMP-kernel with Banshee that was sovled by an updated Avahi

Anyways you're not alone fellow Fedora user.


 I'm also have trouble with hit syncing properly with an iPod Shuffle.

 Any suggestions for either of those?

 In case it matters the version that comes with FC5 is 0.10.9

Greg Gulik
greg @

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