Re: [Banshee-List] Standard-violation in parsing dates in Podcast-plugin

> Hi all,
> the Podcast-plugin (r162) contains one bug. The standard for RSS allows
> to define <pubDate/> without the weekday at the beginning of the string.

You're right.

> Example: We're
> talking about the file
> "<folder>/plugins/Podcast/FeedParsers/RssPodcastFeedParser.cs" on line
> 1337.


> Nevertheless there is an indentation bug also

Three cheers for astyle!  The code as it stands now is less a "formal"
release than a "just get something out there people are waiting" release. 
That said, about 30 minutes before the code was sent off, I ran it through
astyle to take care of the more egregious of indentation errors.  I've yet
to correct the errors in the output.

> I guess this information would be helpful to get it fixed.

It is, thank you.  If you find any more bugs could you please file them at  Helps me keep track of things.

Thanks again,


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