[Banshee-List] Re: [Bug 343785] Mass storage updates

On 6/6/06, banshee (bugzilla.gnome.org)
<bugzilla-daemon bugzilla gnome org> wrote:
This is a slightly updated version of the patch.


The additional logic you've added around checking the mounted status
seems unnecessary, specifically:

private bool mounted = false
volume = monitor.GetVolumeForPath(MountPoint);
if (volume == null) {
   // Gnome VFS doesn't know volume is mounted yet
   monitor.VolumeMounted += OnVolumeMounted;
   is_read_only = true;
} else {
   mounted = true;
   is_read_only = volume.IsReadOnly;

If volume is null it doesn't mean that the volume isn't mounted yet
(we can't ever get to this situation due to the previous check on the
volume.is_mounted property) rather it just means that VFS hasn't
noticed that it's mounted yet. This means we can always carry on
regardless of what VFS says as we've already established that it's

Also, you seem to have reverted my change to base duplicate detection
on meta info rather than filename. I think meta info detection should
be more reliable?


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