Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee VERY unstable on FC5

I tried that and when I restart it the columns are fine, until the next time it crashes.  It doesn't quite crash 10 times a day for me, only about 2-3 times a day for me but I only use it a couple hours a day at most.

I'll be looking for 0.10.11 and hope that fixes the instability.

Aaron Bockover wrote:
Try starting banshee, restoring your columns, and then closing banshee
after that. The problem here might have been that it crashed before the
headers were saved.

In terms of the actual crashing, we cleared a number of SMP related
bugs. I'll have to check when the patches went in, but I think it was
after 0.10.10. 

Also, as Benjy says, there were some SMP bugs in Avahi has well, but
those should be fixed by now.

I'll roll 0.10.11 by next week, and hopefully FC will have that
available shortly after that.


Benjy Grogan wrote:
Which columns are you talking about?  It's possible the crashes are a
problem outside of the Banshee application.  I know I had a problem on
my SMP-kernel with Banshee that was sovled by an updated Avahi

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