Re: [Banshee-List] Updated MTP DAP patch available...

Hi Brad,

That's really intense with the memory usage...I haven't seen this, but I'm on a box with 512 MB of ram which is usually all in use or fills up with cache quickly. Are you sure that your ram isn't being filled by cache (possibly from transcoding?) rather than banshee's memory swelling? I'd really like it if you could maybe post some stats on this...try running `ps -C banshee u` a few times while doing a transfer, and monitor the output of `top`. top will show you how much memory is being actually used and how much is cache - if your cache explodes, it's not a big deal, that's just linux doing it's thang :)

As for the duplicate track handling - that's definitely a bug of mine...I don't believe anywhere I've blocked duplicate tracks. I've run across that myself too many times and the only way around it is to delete the offending tracks from the player or to wipe the player. libgphoto2's internal vfs cannot handle duplicate track names, but allows you to transfer duplicates. Go figure. I'll add some sort of protection in the Sync :)

Also - abock just committed this code to CVS HEAD last night, so just grab a fresh checkout and you don't have to worry about patching :) Note - the CVS version requires you to explicitly set --enable-mtp for it to compile MTP support.

We now have a MTP component on Don't hesitate to post your bug reports on there (because I'm sure you'll find more issues!)

Glad to hear it's working!



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Hey Patrick.  Sorry for not posting my results to the list, but I was
able to get the patch to compile last week by changing the OnTrackAdded
    I'm using the patch with a Creative Zen MicroPhoto and it generally
works quite well.
    There we two pretty big bugs that I noticed:
    1) As tracks are being transferred to the device, my RAM usage goes
up very quickly.  If I add any significant number of albums (10 or so)
it will eat up all of my 1GB of RAM.  Exiting banshee frees the memory
properly, though.
    2) Adding a song that is already on the player will cause the player
to no longer connect to banshee properly.  So, drag over song A,
disconnect, restart banshee, drag over song A again, disconnect.  The
next time I run banshee I can't connect to my device.  I reformatted the
player a couple of times to confirm this and it happened consistently.

I'll let you know if I notice any other problems, but I'm just happy to
have something this easy to use working with this player.  The
auto-transcoding and such is absolutely smooth.   Thanks again.


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