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  • xclip & charsets, "Гапонов А.В."
  • Memory leaks, Marcin Garski
  • Memory leak in create_menu() (menu.c), Marcin Garski
  • Cleaned up mcslang2 patch, Leonard den Ottolander
  • MC && accessibility for blinds, Yannick PLASSIARD
  • Proposal for simplification, Pavel Roskin
  • Segmentation fault while copying symlink, wraithlike
  • new VFS directory listing parser, Roland Illig
  • mcslang2, Leonard den Ottolander
  • locale(1) and iso9660 extfs, q#
  • MC 4.6.1 WIN32, adamyg
  • [bug #4327] ftpfs confused by certain directory names, Antoxa
  • [bug #13729] ctrl- hotlist key won't work under tty<i>, Oswald Buddenhagen
  • [bug #7936] UTF-8 locales not supported, Itzchak Rehberg
  • utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version, Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
  • [bug #9257] Segmentation fault when returning from stopped state, Pavel Tsekov
  • Re: [PATCH] do_execute() flush stdout before executing a command, Leonard den Ottolander
  • mc bug ?, Maurice Beckles
  • [BUG] Segmentation fault when copy symlink with checked "Stable Symlinks", Marcin Garski
  • AFK until Sep 21 2005, Roland Illig
  • disappearing cursor in xterm, William Mitchell Jr
  • Translators wanted, Roland Illig
  • bug in <F2> menu., ForestCreature
  • bug, Soos Gergely
  • UTF patch for 4.6.1 - where?, Michail Vidiassov
  • Re: tty.c, Roland Illig
  • [meta] list server is listed at Spamcop, /dev/rob0
  • [bug #14155] 4.6.1: mouse wheel strangeness, anonymous

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