Re: UTF patch for 4.6.1 - where?


> > is there a set of UTF patches for the new release?
> > Where?

I've just upgraded our mc package to 4.6.1 in the UHU-Linux distribution,
and, by the way, we finally switched our default locale to UTF-8 last week.

In addition to the UTF-8 patch contained in the Red Hat source rpm, you can
find our other patches here:

Here the Red Hat patch is numbered as 00-60, and the 00-7x patches are my
ones, all fixing some small UTF-8 issues which is described separately in
each patch file. I guess they are worth applying.

Those numbered from 00-70 to 00-78 were already sent to Leonard and some Red
Hat and SUSE guys, but somehow most of them didn't find their way in the Red
Hat tarball. 00-79 is a brand new one fixing Alt+Backspace erasing one more
character than it should.

good luck,


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