Re: UTF patch for 4.6.1 - where?

Dear Egmont,

you wrote

I've just upgraded our mc package to 4.6.1 in the UHU-Linux distribution,
and, by the way, we finally switched our default locale to UTF-8 last week.

In addition to the UTF-8 patch contained in the Red Hat source rpm, you can
find our other patches here:

Thank you.
But one thing I did not like in these patches is that they use
slang calls directly, not curses calls (emulated by slang calls
in myslang.h, if necessary).

 Is not a necessity, since fresh ncurses releases,
 if compiled with wide char support, provide
addnwstr function, that seems to be a complete analog of SLsmg_write_nwchars.

  I have made mc 4.6.0 with UTF patches compile and run when
  linked against ncrurses 5.4 by replacing
  SLsmg_write_nwchars by addnwstr.

Thus, it may be a good idea to use addnwstr as the wide character output routine,
 addnwstr being a ncurses call or a wrapper around SLsmg_write_nwchars
 (along the lines addch is implemented now).

Sincerely, MIchail

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