Re: MC && accessibility for blinds


On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Yannick PLASSIARD wrote:

> Hi all:
> 	I'm trying to make Mc more accessibbe to blind users. For this to work, I can use two components :
> * freedispatcher: which is an interface to speech synthethizers (such flite, or festival for example).
> * BrlAPI : which is an interface to communicate with a refreshable Braille display using the BRLTTY Program.
> My question is :
> How should I start to implement this in mc? Should I write build-scripts to detect those libraries ? Or can I just write the appropriate code and send a patch to this list, or maybe commit it to a CVS or SVN repository ?

Take a look here:

How about contacting the authors of mcvox. Maybe they can get their
patches into the official MC cvs tree.

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