Re: new VFS directory listing parser

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Roland Illig wrote:

> After I had rewritten vfs_parse_filetype and vfs_parse_fileperms (see
> utilvfs.c), I found the interface of these functions general enough so
> that it could be extended to the whole parsing of directory listings. I
> think one benefit of my code is that you can use all the parsing
> functions the same way. If you have used any of them, you know how to
> use all others. This has not been the case with the old code.
> My code makes it easy to add support for other file listing types, as
> every component of a listing line (filemode, size_or_rdev, filedate,
> uid, gid) has its own parsing function. If you look at the code of
> vfs_parse_unix_line(), this should become very clear.
> I also didn't like the function names. I expect that a function called
> is_year(...) does not modify its parameters (see the Java Coding
> Conventions). Most functions also used sscanf() for parsing, which is
> inappropriate, as sscanf("%d", "123XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", &n) will return
> 123, although "123XXXXXXXXXXXXX" does not represent a number.

I am wondering - since your code is so good why do you post it to the
list ? Go ahead and check it in . After all you have shown so many times
that you completly ignore other peoples opinion when it comes to code that
you LIKE.

> And yes, I have dropped that assumption. I have started to collect
> example listing from some FTP servers, but they are still too few. I
> will also examine the Indy FTP code (see,
> which has some more examples.

Of course you always use the most popular software as a starting point.
What was that other file manager - Servant Salamander.

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