Re: Memory leaks

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
Maybe its about time stop playing valgrind and other tools you do not
understand. In case you want to file a real bug report take your time and
analyse the suspected code properly. Once you are sure that there is a real
bug involved post your analisys to the general mailing list - mc at gnome
dot org.

Do you think that the only "real" bug reports that should be filed is the one with analisys of the suspected code? If I just spot the bug (not the exact source code line) I shouldn't write about it?

Only report from valgrind and somehow it's a bug that has been fixed.

Also see:
This was a trivial bug where I could point bad source line, but a bug.

There are also two guys on Red Hat's bugzilla that has reported a lot of bugs, that mostly the only text in bug report was a copy&paste warning from gcc about probably uninitialized varibles.
And a lot of this warnings where real bug that has been fixed.

So if someone don't have enough time or knowledge to analyse bug he shouldn't mention about it?

Back to my bug report :)
Second leak COULD be caused by not freeing "temp" in panel_operate() (file.c), but I'm not shure if it's help because I've added g_free (temp) and valgrind still reports leak.
Marcin Garski

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