Re: mcslang2

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:


> > Whatever the tone it cannot hide the fact that decisions are made
> > from people that hardly have the skills to do so.
> I think you are a.o. things referring to my lack of knowledge on
> configure magic. Firstly I am not making decisions, I am putting forward

Lack of knowledge is one thing, doing something without thinking first is
something very different.


> I submitted this patch for review because I know it's not perfect. Of
> course I've doubted the correctness of the code you pointed out, but
> instead of figuring it out at 1:15 AM when I have a job in the morning I
> hoped somebody helpful would fill in the blanks.

Ok, I heard the excuses and I hear the same thing over and over. I am also
a busy person, I have things to do too. So by not doing your homework
you loose my time. How convenient - loose other peoples time instead of
your own. Create a crappy patch and post it so it can be fixed. It is
also convenient to not review other peoples patches because of the same
excuses. Or go the Roland way - create bugs and let other people find them
for you - use as an excuse your machine setup. Sorry, guys, I heard this
too many times.

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