Re: mc bug ?

Maurice Beckles пишет:
I think I found an error with mc. (By the way I am a newbie) I was
trying the ctrl-o option to see if I could use my shell while having mc
suspended. However when I switched back to the shell it freaked out and
would not allow me to enter any commands and also gave me an error when
I went back to mc. After closing mc and going back in the problem
You should understand that Ctrl-o combination burns new pseudo (pts)
terminal with new shell and some environment. When you start some code
in that shell you try to back into mc, but mc already manages background

Try to start your job as
  path/job &
  nohup path/job > /my/std.out 2>/my/std.err &

With best regards,
Andy Shevchenko.      mailto: andy smile org ua

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