Re: utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version


> config.h @ 3
> +#ifdef __APPLE__
> +#define unix 1
> +#endif

I guess developers prefer patches created with "diff -u" rather than just
some pseudo-code. Exctact the original source code to a directory called
"mc-4.6.1.orig" (or actually you can call it whatever you want), copy it to
"mc-4.6.1" (or whatever you like), make your modifications under the latter
one and then run "diff -Naurdp mc-4.6.1.orig mc-4.6.1" or something similar.
Then attach it to the mail, it's easier to handle attachments than cutting
parts of the message body. Developers will correct me if I'm wrong.

> The Israeli (ivrit) and others like Chinese and Japanese are showing
> up corretly, but they crash the windowing, because of they are
> multi-byte chars.
> Question: how the length of these multi-byte chars can be decided?
> Does anyone have any idea?

If I understand you, here by "multi-byte" and "length" you actually mean how
many character cells they occupy on the screen. It's usually called the
width of a character. See the manual of wcwidth() and wcswidth().


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