Re: mcslang2

> On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 20:39 +0200, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> > Bootstrap the code and see the generated configure file. Similiar
> construct
> > is used but in different context. I told you many times - you are too
> fast,
> > too eager.
> I didn't say this patch was perfect yet. Looking for some feedback to
> improve it. Sorry for not posting the correct patch immediately.

And you got it. I actually started reviewing your patch. I never comment
code without looking at it - if you read the list you should know that by
now. I saw too many problems and decided to report them on the list instead
of going further. The fact that you fail to understand what I am speaking
about ... that I cannot explain. 

>     AC_CACHE_CHECK([if S-Lang exports private functions],
> 		   [mc_cv_slang_private], [
> 	ac_save_LIBS="$LIBS"
> 	#if SLANG_VERSION < 20000
> 	LIBS="$LIBS -lslang"
> 	#else
> 	LIBS="$LIBS -lslang2"
> 	#endif

Up to here you have shell code.

> 		     #ifdef HAVE_SLANG_SLANG_H
> 		     #include <slang/slang.h>
> 		     #else
> 		     #include <slang.h>
> 		     #endif
> 		     #if SLANG_VERSION >= 10000
> 		     extern unsigned int SLsys_getkey (void);
> 		     #else
> 		     extern unsigned int _SLsys_getkey (void);
> 		     #endif

Here you have the macro AC_TRY_LINK and a simple C program passed to it as
an argument. The C program is written to a file and configure tries to build
it and this way it decideds whether the symbol SLsys_getkey() is available.

It is obvious that you are missing basic knowledge on configure magic. You
did some copy/paste and you expect that it will just work ?

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