Re: utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version


1) thank you for your answer, I'll post a diff if everything will work
as expected :)
2) the multi-byte char Slang2 bug came up at Debian too, see . I applied
this patch (080_wide_chars.patch), but still counts badly.

Still no Asian and/or Mac developers here? :)



On 25/09/05, Koblinger Egmont <egmont cs bme hu> wrote:

> > Question: how the length of these multi-byte chars can be decided?
> > Does anyone have any idea?
> If I understand you, here by "multi-byte" and "length" you actually mean how
> many character cells they occupy on the screen. It's usually called the
> width of a character. See the manual of wcwidth() and wcswidth().

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