Re: tty.c

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Roland Illig wrote:

Another benefit of the wrapper is that it reduces the number of
warnings for SLsmg_printf(), which is still declared as taking a
char *, not a const char *, as first argument. Just build mc with
gcc -Wwrite-string and see.

Well, Roland, fixing warnings by doing stupid hacks is not the
smartest thing to do.

I don't think the "hack" is so stupid. We are using two-and-a-half
different screen libraries which implement things differently. It's the
cleanest solution to define an interface that describes a screen
library providing all the features we actually use and wrap the functions of the "real" screen libraries. My goal is to completely rub out any #ifdef HAVE_SLANG outside of the tty, colors and slint modules.

You could go to the Slang maintainer and ask him to change his code
and you could eventually submit patches there and not to MC.

You just want me out of the project, do you? ;)


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