Re: utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version


Arkadiusz was kind enough to provide me the sourcecode, and I managed
to compile it on my Mac (Darwin 8.2.0).

But even with all patches and stuff, I see the following Unicode glitches:

- the utf-8 chars are not diplayed in the dir list (on Ubuntu, everything is OK)
for ÉÁŰŐÚÖÜÓ I see EAUOUOUO (upper, lowercase all wrong)

- the files/dirs that contain the unicode chars, are still not
properly aligned to the grids


What could cause Darwin to behave such unpredictably?
In the filesystem, there's another error:
if you do 'ls', the alignment of the columns after the unicode chars
are broken as well.

(where can I find the source code for the ls command? what package on
other linux distributions?)


- I've lost the functionality of the Arrow keys, it just types ABCD.
(so I use screen)

problem on both Linux/Darwin: if you cd into a unicode-named
directory, the blinking command prompt will be positioned to the right
with spaces, as much unicode chars you have in the dir name.

for example:

~/ÉÁŰŐÚÖÜÓ>                         []

Kind regards,


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