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  • Re: [orca-list] Inaccessibility of Gdm 42.0, Jason White
  • [orca-list] Problems with eSpeakup in Arch, Eric
  • [orca-list] When using wayland I can't use the command copy the contents under flat review to the clipboard, José Vilmar Estácio de Souza
  • [orca-list] Can't Upgrade Ubuntu, no audio, K0LNY_Glenn
  • [orca-list] No Audio In Ubuntu, K0LNY_Glenn
  • [orca-list] navigating to tablist, Edward Prendergast
  • [orca-list] access Favorites and top bar in Ubuntu 22.04 differs between Wayland and Xorg, Milton
  • [orca-list] wayland status, Michał Zegan
  • [orca-list] ORCA can't read chromium when using Arch, Eric
  • [orca-list] using chirp with orca, Guy Schlosser
  • [orca-list] Caps lock in laptop mode differs between Wayland and Xorg, Milton
  • Re: [orca-list] orca-list Digest, Vol 196, Issue 25, Joshua Jama
  • [orca-list] orca-list Digest, Vol 196, Issue 27 larynx tts and speech-dispatcher, Joshua Jama
  • [orca-list] orca doesn't speak at all on pidgin fedora 36 orca 42, Amir-Trend Plus
  • [orca-list] orca didnt speak at all on chrome/chromium, on fresh install of fedora 36, orca 42, Amir-Trend Plus
  • [orca-list] orca and remote desktop connection, José Vilmar Estácio de Souza
  • [orca-list] Pitch-problem on Fedora 36, Frans-Willem Post
  • [orca-list] Questions we need to ask the Fedora and Gnome teams, Brandt Steenkamp
  • [orca-list] OT: How to read macOS terminal using VoiceOver, Frans-Willem Post
  • [orca-list] Installing Fedora 36?, Brandt Steenkamp
  • [orca-list] Heads-up: WebKitGtk 2.36 may not be a great idea at the moment, Joanmarie Diggs
  • [orca-list] Distributions in 2022 which don't have the: Orca Login bug?, Daniel McGee
  • [orca-list] new user Raspberry Pi: what specific model and operating system can we install orca?, Amir-Trend Plus
  • [orca-list] Reacting to events in a caldav calendar in Thunderbird, Christian Schoepplein
  • [orca-list] rocky linux accessible?, majid hussain
  • [orca-list] Aria-label cleaner now on GitHub, Rastislav Kish
  • [orca-list] ubuntu 20.04 LTS, cannot access noting upon install, Armando Maldonado
  • [orca-list] Mate 22.04 - orca at login, Daniel McGee
  • [orca-list] Strange behaviour with google Chrome, Edhoari Setiyoso
  • [orca-list] Orca not reading links opening new tabs, Rastislav Kish
  • [orca-list] Using Orca from master, Devin Prater
  • Re: [orca-list] capslock stuck on Fedora Mate 35, Joanmarie Diggs
  • Re: [orca-list] Browse navigation stuck inside the youtube embeds in Firefox, Joanmarie Diggs
  • [orca-list] I think I fixed some Google Docs sluggishness, Joanmarie Diggs
  • Re: [orca-list] Small bug when using BRLTTY in a graphical terminal, Sébastien Hinderer

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