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  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.91 (1.2-beta3) released, Lubomir Rintel
  • Re: OpenVPN isolation using NetworkNamespaces, Thomas Haller
  • Wifi Hotspot configuration., devops036 devops036
  • validation of JSON, Roeland Jansen
  • [PATCH] dns: use DBus to make dnsmasq nameserver changes, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
  • Re: [PATCH] UPower signaling obsolescence, poma
  • Homenet, Tim Coote
  • The usage survey, Lubomir Rintel
  • ip configuration over dbus, matti kaasinen
  • Libnm async functions and GMainLoop, Aaron Zinghini
  • The release plan of NM-1.2, Roy Mu
  • ip-config -> failed (reason 'ip-config-unavailable'), Ali Nematollahi
  • Could not find "pppd" binary, Ali Nematollahi
  • nmcli c does not list modem device, matti kaasinen
  • nmcli radio off connected to ModemManager power state low, Carlo Lobrano
  • NetworkManager 1.1.90 : nm-exported-object.c:293:nm_exported_object_class_add_interface: assertion failed: (object_property != NULL), Ali Nematollahi
  • [PATCH] manager: fix assumption of child connections with autoconnect=no, Beniamino Galvani
  • [PATCH 1/1] applet: fix tracking of active access-point, Thomas Haller
  • Bonding wifi and wired, Nikolay Martynov
  • Is this the designed behaviour for NetworkManager, Tim Coote
  • nm-pppd-plugin does not start, matti kaasinen
  • Re: Backport th/supplicant-manager-fix-ref-count-rh1298007 to 1.0?, Thomas Haller
  • [PATCH 1/1] import: ignore file encoding for ovpn configuration file, Thomas Haller
  • Re: [PATCH] libnm-glib/libnm/vpn: fix handling of ConnectInteractive() failure (rh #1298732), Thomas Haller
  • Problems in nmcli.1, esr
  • Newly compiled and Installed NM and MM...Broken Libraries already, Ali Nematollahi
  • Re: [PATCH] libnm-glib/libnm/vpn: fix handling of ConnectInteractive() failure (rh #1298732), Colin Walters
  • dbus-policy-without-send-destination, Michael Biebl
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.91 (1.2-beta2) released, Beniamino Galvani
  • Re: [PATCH 1/1] logging: change logging format to drop "[file:line] func():" part, Thomas Haller
  • Fwd: [mif] New Charter Items?, Stjepan Groš
  • Re: NetworkManager dispatchers, Ali Nematollahi

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