ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.91 (1.2-beta3) released


I'm pleased to announce the release of the third beta version of
NetworkManager 1.2 (1.1.92), and the same version of nm-applet,
nm-connection-editor and VPN plugins.

Compared to previous beta release we've ironed a couple of wrinkles. Notably a 
long standing issue with missing ability to verify 802.1x subject was addressed
(the has a CVE number of CVE-2006-7246 associated as it has security
implications). For the old-fashioned users we've now restored the option to 
avoid using a symlink to manage /etc/resolv.conf. We've improved the behavior
with VLANs on software devices (bonds, bridges...) and included some fixes
that improve cross-version compatibility with older clients.

We now consider the code base quite stable, so this is the last "beta"
release. A release candidate will follow in a week or so.

A summary of changes since 1.0 can be found here:

You can get the code at the usual locations:

Thanks to everyone who contributed or sent feedback!


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