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  • [xslt] Setting xsl:output parameters on compiled stylesheets, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
  • [xslt] Problem, Niklas Saers Mailinglistaccount
  • [xslt] stylesheet.errors, Stéphane Bidoul
  • [xslt] Windows binaries, Igor Zlatkovic
  • [xslt] elem uninitialised?, Igor Zlatkovic
  • [xslt] confirmation of comprehension :-), =?iso-8859-15?q?Fr=E9d=E9ric=20Laurent?=
  • [xslt] BUG: @xxx intepreted as */@xxx in match ?, Jerome Pesenti
  • [xslt] str:tokenize behavior, Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] document not there ambiguity (was: bug? warning given as error), S Woodside
  • [xslt] bug? warning given as error, S Woodside
  • [xslt] [patch] improve libexslt man page, Jonathan Wakely
  • [xslt] disable-output-escaping disfunctional, Gabor Hojtsy
  • [xslt] exslt function supported by xsltproc, =?iso-8859-15?q?Fr=E9d=E9ric=20Laurent?=
  • [xslt] unresolved external symbol, Kasimier Buchcik
  • [xslt] "Re: libxslt with thread-enabled libxml2?", Kasimier Buchcik
  • [xslt] "libxslt with thread-enabled libxml2?", Kasimier Buchcik
  • [xslt] xsltApplyOneTemplate, Duhon, Andrew
  • [xslt] Question about white space output, srperan
  • [xslt] fix for set:distinct(), Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] Segmentation fault w/ latest libxslt., Gennady Feldman
  • [xslt] exslt in Windows port, Alexey Efimov
  • [xslt] Result Tree Fragments, Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] <xi:include> has no namespace in external entity, Steinar Bang
  • [xslt] replacing spaces in an attribute value during transformation, Ollie Rutherfurd
  • [xslt] Fwd: FYI: local install of XML::LibXML and XML::LibXSLT, S Woodside
  • [xslt] func:result not recognized, Brett Kail
  • [xslt] Possible namespace-related bug in xsltproc, gpurdy
  • Re: [xslt] Re: more on the xslt namespace pipeline issue, S Woodside
  • [xslt] Exslt support, Jerome Pesenti
  • [xslt] more on the xslt namespace pipeline issue, S Woodside
  • [xslt] Release of libxslt-1.0.29, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] libxslt bug? stripping namespace prefix in element output., Shawn O. McKenzie

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