Re: [xslt] [patch] improve libexslt man page

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 10:08:57PM +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> Hi,
> Following on from this mail
> (a mere 3 months later!) here is a patch to improve the libexslt man
> page.

  Hum, didn't you forgot to attach the patch ;-)

> I'd like to this patch applied, but ideally I'd also like to see the
> file renamed from libexslt.4 to libexslt.3 (and the section number
> changed on the first line of the file) since libraries should be
> described in section 3 of the manual. If I provide a patch for the
> necessary changes to could someone else actually rename
> the file? I'm not sure how to show that in a patch.

  I would do the renaming, yes.


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