[xslt] document not there ambiguity (was: bug? warning given as error)

On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 10:23  AM, Chris Leishman wrote:
>>   The spec states in section 12.1 Multiple Source Documents
>>  "If there is an error retrieving the resource, then the XSLT 
>> processor
>>   may signal an error; if it does not signal an error, it must recover
>>   by returning an empty node-set."
>> So both behaviours are correct.
> ....and people wonder why the different implementations are so 
> incompatible....
> Really...what where the W3C thinking?  Perhaps someone should start a 
> list of 'standard implementation choices for implementing the xslt 
> standard' (rolls eyes) and maybe that'll become YAWNS (Yet Another W3C 
> uNsuccessful Standard).

They're already on the way... the WD for xslt 2.0 says this about 
"unparsed-text" function

"[ERR117] It is a dynamic error if a URI cannot be used to retrieve a 
resource containing text. The processor must either signal the error, 
or must recover by treating the URI as if it referenced a resource 
containing a zero-length string."

Just glancing at the XPath 2.0 / xquery 1.0 WD I can't tell but it 
seems the same for fn:document:

14.5.3 "An error in processing the fragment identifier is classed as a 
dynamic error. In such cases, then an error is raised ("Error 
processing fragment identifier"), or the processor must recover by 
returning an empty sequence."

hooray :-\


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