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  • [bug #19757] Bad regexp search in editor (" $"), Martin Petricek
  • [bug #19373] Panel sorted by size is not updating after "show directory sizes", Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #19334] Error when copying symlink over SSH, Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #15524] 2GB file size limit in fish, Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #16213] Find in viewer does not remember its last search string, Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #19333] Search and replace misbehavior with regexps and "%" in replacement, Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #19721] Aborting a FISH file transfer still causes the FISH layer to consume the whole file, Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #19361] Pascal syntax highlighting update, Pavel Tsekov
  • Erronous use of enable/disable_interrupt_key() in fish_linear_read(), Pavel Tsekov
  • [patch #5899] backspace navigation, Pavel Tsekov
  • [bug #18136] MC wont work with new bash-3.2 propeply with all directories., Pavel Tsekov
  • [patch #5893] integrated side-by-side textmode diff viewer, anonymous
  • [bug #19664] backspace navigation, me
  • MC Seg failt on Copy and MovRen, Terrence Branscombe
  • MC seg fault on Copy & MovRen, ue191
  • [bug #19651] x selection in editor, me
  • [bug #19436] read (subshell_pty...): No such file or directory (2) on mc compiled with subshel, Pavel Tsekov
  • mc sets process group differently from shell; forgets to close fd# 3, Denis Vlasenko
  • error: mc -> mcedit -> print block, =?windows-1251?Q?=22=CE=F0=E5=F5=EE=E2_=C0=2E=C2=2E=22?=
  • [patch #5871] enhance selection in xterms, me
  • mc and utf8, =?utf-8?B?Um9zdGlzbGF2IEJlbmXFoQ==?=
  • Bug in mc, achyzh
  • Bugs should be reported to mc-devel gnome org, Jeremy Dawson
  • [bug #19486] File properties lost on the way, Martin van Gils

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