[patch #5871] enhance selection in xterms

Follow-up Comment #4, patch #5871 (project mc):

Regarding comment #2:

Obviously the "smart-select" of Eterm is not as smart as it should be. With
gnome-terminal everything works as expected - you double click and the whole
path gets selected. Anyway, I tried how dtterm behaves in this scenario - it
ends up selecting single path components (the one on which the user clicked)
and not the whole path itself. It also considers the '.'
symbol to be a delimiter, so if you have "/some/.dir" and you double click on
".dir" it will select only "dir". The fact that
Eterm, gnome-terminal and dtterm differ in their behaviour is a clear sign to
me that this patch is not necessary.

However, I see that both Norton Commander and FAR have spaces around the
directory name so it might be worth to have this patch checked in. Eventually
it will also help those that have trouble selecting the current directory. I'd
like to hear other opinions before checking it in though.


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