Re: mc sets process group differently from shell; forgets to close fd# 3

On Sat, 21 Apr 2007, MP wrote:

This reminds me of one odd behavior. When i debug a graphical program,
outputting lots of debugging messaged under gdb and start it directly under
bash, it works fine. But if I start it from mc (i.e. the shell in mc which I
get after Ctrl-O), the gdb is stopped to background as soon as I run my
program in it and it emits its first debugging message to the console (i.e.
instantly). When I use "fg" to revive gdb, program continues till next
debugging message in which gdb says the program received SIGTTOU - each
command of "continue" will them move to next SIGTTOU (next debugging message).

Maybe it is related to this one?

No. It is unlikely that your problem has something to do with
what's dicussed in this thread. Anyway, you might want to read
this bugreport:

If you want your problem to be investigated you might enter
it into the savannah bug database or start a new thread on
this list. Do not forget to include a detailed report on
the problem that you see, your environment, etc.

I myself use gdb alot under MC and have never noticed the
behaviour that you describe so far.

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