Re: [bug #19664] backspace navigation

> Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19664 (project mc):
> ...over the time someone might create a configurable mapping or themes. but
> thats off topic

How far away in time would such a feature be? As an interested user, one that has no real possibility of contributing to mc with patches but still
reads this list, this is one of the highest items on my wishlist for mc. Very very often I go F9+s+Down+Downp+SPACE+Return to change sort order, I'd
really like that with just one keypress.

That is most annoying for me too. I have already created a patch (in
attachment) that allow sorting by CTRL+F3 thru CTRL+F9 (FAR-compatible
keyboarsd shortcuts for sorting :). Unfortunately, it was not accepted
when I sent it in first time about 3 years ago - the patch I'm sending
now is modified to merge cleanly with current CVS version.
Disadvantage is that the keys do not work on all terminals (maybe they
have trouble sending CTRL+Fx), so maybe some other keys can be used
for that.

Martin Petricek

Attachment: sort_order.patch
Description: Binary data

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