[patch #5871] enhance selection in xterms

Follow-up Comment #3, patch #5871 (project mc):

*Terms are just the frontend to the real sessions, usaly with nested ssh
sessions in screens the connection has no knowledge about my display besides
that it is a tty. 

therefore one uses the selection methods the terminal offers (thats
shift+click in xterms, doubleclick in eterms and ctrl+a,esc in screens).
these methods are application independent as they work with mc, ls or man
because those applications cannot notice that action.
if the application has that in mind and aids the user not to do errors that
would be fine - just like 'save delete', of course the user /could/ read
before she presses enter.
the save option for unpatched users is still: crtl+o, pwd, select

there are more problems with that method of copy&paste, for example in mcedit
it selects spaces after newlines, or pasting source causes nasty indents but
thats off topic - one bug at a time :)



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