Bugs should be reported to mc-devel gnome org

I appear to have started this ghastly program by hitting some key accidentally on my keyboard.

A menu suggested typing 1 for help. I did this. A screen came up with some information, which did not include either how to quit the program or indeed how to get out of the help screen.

It did include such gems as

The editor is very easy to use and requires no tutoring. To see what keys do what, just consult the appropriate pull-down menu.

Unfortunately there was no clue as to how to get any pull-down menu.

It also said

The internal file editor is invoked using F4 if ... the initialization file.

It's nice to know how I got into this sorry state.
It would be nicer to know how to get out of it.

Anyway, what initialization file? Of the ones suggested by the man page, neither exists.

It would be nice if software as intrusive as this was made a little more user-friendly.


Jeremy Dawson

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